Knowledge: A lamp whose lights spread all around

Posted on 04-08-2019 07:30 By Divya Bansal

Once a king called his three son in  his room and give them one Rs. coin and said to buy a thing which can fill the whole room. Three of them took their coins and left for buy the thing from market. Elder brother called the garbage collector and said to throw his junk into his room and give him one Rs. Middle son bought hay in bulk amount and fill his room .Younger son bought incense stick with a coin and lit up and fill his room with his fragrance.

Next day king reached their rooms, saw elder son room who filled with garbage and middle’s  room with hay it regret or disappointed him. At last when he went younger son’s room ,the room was filled with fragrance .Next day in his court king announce and give his crown to younger son for his eliteness or top notch.

So as the story tells us  right knowledge spreads only fragrance of love, peace and harmony. It is priceless. Nobody buy it in any cost. Knowledge lamp is unique. Widen your knowledge as much as possible. Become knowledge tower. Guide other way with your learning. Be polite and humble .Learn in any age. Age is not barrier for getting knowledge. Age is only No. so wide your knowledge. Read good books. As saint said no body steal your knowledge. Knowledge is infinite.